Weekly Wedding Update

I have been a very busy bee this week in regards to wedding stuff! I have accomplished so much, even if I haven’t , it feels like I have and I don’t need anyone to burst my happy bubble.

Stuff I’ve done:

Ordered and ensured Invitations arrive by Mon or Tue of next week

Ordered Canopy/Background for the ceremony

Booked a DJ -yeeah! We got a fantastic deal and they are covering the ceremony and reception and they will play our music if we want them too. Woo hooo

Picked out stamps- Superheroes or Pollinators? We might do both

Got stuff for Programs

Decided finally on favors

Picked a few hairstyles to try out on my appointment next weekend.

Scheduled a cake tasting

Got Quotes on cakes

I know there’s still a lot to be done and I can’t believe how quickly time is going by. It doesn’t feel like its been 10 months since J and I have been engaged. In 49 days, I willl be a married woman.


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