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Kalyana Mandapa

Contemporary Indian Mandap

Traditional, permanent Temple mandap

Jewish Chuppah

I had to settle for a smaller version of this

I know, I know, I am full of posts this afternoon. Something about a friday afternoon and caffeine overload will make me spew forth words. I am really excited today, after looking at Diamond Rental, Modern Display and Ambience rental , I finally found something that I can use as a Mandap (pron:maan-dup). There is a lady in Utah County who has a teeny tiny wedding decor business who agreed to lend me her “canopy.” I think my conversation with her was kinda funny:

Me: Hi, I was interested in renting your little canopy

Lady: We don’t have a little canopy, our standard one costs $1000

Me: No, you do have one, its on page 5 of your gallery

Lady: Let me look, No kidding I guess we do. I wouldn’t call it a canopy though, its a gazebo.

Me: Oh, either way, I’d like to rent it, how much would it be

Lady: Nobody has ever wanted to rent it, I don’t think I have ever had to price it before.

Me: Well…I ‘d really like to….

Lady: Let me call my husband and get back to you. I guess next time someone asks about that I’ll know I have it.

In the end, she and her husband are letting us have it for a very reasonable rate and I couldn’t be happier.

So, why am I making such a big deal about a canopy? Because in Hindu traditions it is essential to have the ceremony under a covered ground. The symbolism for the covered ground, usually by a 4 posts a cloth or flower cover is usually similar to that of a Jewish Chuppah. It symbolizes the beginning of the couple’s new home and the idea of marriage as being a shelter. In the old temples of India, there would be a permanent stone structure that would be set aside for weddings and they were called Kalyana Mandapas, nowadays though we often build temporary structure with bamboo and flowers. Having this symbolism was very important to me and I had to look really hard to find something that I could modify and use.

* I did not take these pics

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