Kings Dominion

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Yesterday, J and I spent nearly 12 hours at Kings Dominion, about 20 miles from Richmond. It had been a long time since I had been to an amusement park, probably about 3-4 years and it was fun to re-live teenage days of spending all day goind down water slides and waiting in lines for the coasters.

We got to Kings Dominion around 10 am to realize that we had forgotten sunblock, so we took a detour to a gas station  to buy some when J expressed an interest in some alcohol to get a little tipsy before we got on a ride. We tried one of those caffeinated malt beverages, which really didn’t get us tipsy but did make us hyper and made our way into the park.


The first ride we did was the Beserker, followed by a kiddie ride called Space Cruzer. We then went on our first Stand Up Roller Coaster Ride- The Shockwave. It was the first time I did a stand up roller coaster and it was one of the more memorable coasters.  We also did the Grizzly, a huge old wooden coaster, White Water Rapids and Flying Eagles (Jeff’s fave kiddie ride) and Wave Swingers (my fave kiddie ride).


We spent the afternoon at the waterpark where we did the Tornado– one of the funnel style water rides. This was definitely one of favorite rides because it was something I had never done before. We rounded off our time in the waterpark by doing all the regular waterpark rides, like the Flume rides and the water slides and of course finished it off at the lazy river.

By the time we made our way back to the main part of the park, most of the crowds had thinned out and we were able to do the big rollercoasters without waiting for too long. We did the

Anaconda– a rollercoaster with an underwater tunnel and awesome loops.

Volcano– one where your feet are hanging and you get shot out of a volcano, the speed in that was amazing;

 Tomb Raider– which isn’t a coaster, but its a high in the air, upside down , spinning rides, it also had fire effects which was amazing;

The Italian Job coaster- the movie themed coaster that is really tight and fast, also the cars are little mini coopers.;

The Rebel Yell– An old wooden roller coaster on which you get to go backwards and do all the drops with your back on it;

The Hurler– A standard wooden roller coaster that has more loops than drops.

The Drop Zone– Vertical plunge of 305 feet.

We finished the day happy and sore. My feet were killing me and I think my burnt my soles walking barefoot on the concrete of the water park, but it was well worth it.

Note: All pics of the rides, except for the shockwave are from other resources. These were not taken by  me. I did not want to risk my camera falling out 🙂

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