Back From Vacation

I’m sore and a little burnt but really happy. J and I had the most fantastic 4 day vacation and now we are back to the daily grind. The wedding looms ever closer and its back to wedding planning as well! My mom was a little upset with me that I didn’t do much planning this weekend, but honestly, it was a welcome respite to not think about the wedding this weekend at all!

Here’s a quick summary of the weekend. I’ll post pics and furthes details, once I’ve had a chance to upload them. Friday, we drove to Richmond and spent the afternoon in the pool. Saturday, J and I spent the day in D.C. Sunday we went to Jamestown and we finished off the trip with a visit to Kings Dominion( A Theme park ) yesterday.

Being at Kings Dominion yesterday, made me realize how much we change. There was a time in my life, when I was a kid, where I was completely fearless, I would pretty much plunge into anything. Then there were the years, where I like the more “themed” rides at the parks like Jurassic 5 , Indiana Jones, etc. They seemed less scary and I didn’t like the feeling of free falling at all. Yesterday, I had a great time doing the extra thrilling rides. I even did the straight vertical tower drop, which I normall don’t do because I think it looks lame, but it ended up being really fun. I love how the thrill/breathlessness lasts almost till you are convinced that you just absolutely can’t take it anymore, that you might die and then when it stops, there’s a feeling of sadness that the drop is over.

Just like the end of a vacation.

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