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So , the birthday came and went. It was a mellow day and relaxing day. On saturday, My parents took me and J out to this really fancy Brazilian Steak house. I have been to various Rodizios before , but this one was just amazing. We went all out on the dinner, We ordered Wine and Chocolate Mousse cake. Also the buffet has amazing dishes like Smoked Salmon , Salmon in passsion fruit sauce, eggplant parmesan and lots of really exotic cheeses and olives. Of course the main event was the meat, I think I had the best top sirloin and filet mignoin of my life. I ate so much that it was almost impossible to walk out of the restaurant.

Sunday, I woke up and opened my presents, I got some clothes from my parents ( which I desperately needed) I got a dress, dress pants, some nice dressy shirts for work, new shoes and a bracelet. J got me a Scrapbooking book that has ideas for different styles of design like Victorian, Retro Modern, Contemporary etc. He also got me a gift card to B&N and a trip to DC. Yippee.  In the morning, we took the dogs and went to Eno River state park to have a birthday picnic , hike and wade in the eno with the dogs. It was a perfect activity for a hot summer day. Our picnic too was delicious with fresh Jalapeno Bread, Spinach and Feta Croissants, chilled green tea and my favorite coconut macaroons.

Here is a  pic of the Eno:


When we got back from the Eno, my mom started cooking a huge birthday meal for me. She made a Goat/mutton dish, a coconut fish curry, Pulao and I made some kabobs. We ate everything with some delicious naan and red wine.


(My  computer is being weird and I can only post thumbnails)


I also made my watermelon cocktails, which were delicous.

Watermelon Cocktail

Blend seedless watermelon cubes with lime, vodka and a little bit of salt, for a delicious sweet and tangy cocktail. Also, its pretty healthy, because it doesn’t have added sugars.

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