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Swirling and Whirling

After a few days of not posting anything, I am now bursting inside. Who knew blogging would be so addictive. I love that I  can vent and show off my dorky side on this blog. Life has been chugging along slowly. J and I are going to DC and Richmond this weekend so I am really excited for that. I have never been to DC and I am just dying to check out the cool museums and even the old government building. My inner anarchist is just going to have go along for the ride.

Its been a rough week emotionally and I hope DC can finally make J and I break out of our rut. We have been fighting and bickering a lot lately. Usually we get in a fight and then we make up and we are good for a while. But lately, it seems like we can’t make up, even if we try , it just ends up into another bickering contest and we just clam up. I told J this yesterday , that I know we are not going to 100% happy with one another all the time. Its just not possible and I hope I’m finally  mature enough to understand that concept. What makes me sad, is that I wish that these last few weeks before the wedding, wasn’t a low phase. Oh well, life is what it is, even though we are less than thrilled with each other at the moment, we both know we love each other and we would never trade that in for anything.

One last thing, I need to bitch about is my car. I took it in this morning expecting to get a broken axle fixed and it was going to cost me $330 , which is a lot , but the guy just called to tell me, both axles are broken and the total will be $497. Grrrrrrrr…..I am so tired of this . Why does everything have to fall apart at once.

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