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Vintage Young Adult Fiction

I have learned so much about vintage fiction in the past few weeks. I started collecting old editions of Enid blyton recently on ebay and while browsing the different seller stores, I have learned about various vintage mystery series aside from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I guess , after having spent years reading British YA fiction, I am starting to read American YA girls fiction, now officially past the age of young adulthood.

The Ones I’m really interested in learning more about are

Mystery Series

Trixie Belden Mysteries- Written and set from 1946 to the mid 1950’s.

Cherry Ames – Written during WW II to encourage girls to enter nursing.

Dana Girls- Series during the time of the original Nancy Drew series

Judy Bolton – Series set in the 1930s

Donna Parker-Late 1950’s and 1960s

Non Mystery Series:

Sue Barton- Nurse Heroine from 1936

Ginnie and Geneva-

Chalet School Series

Betsy and Tacey Series

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