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Boys and Favors

I know, I am blogging a lot of wedding stuff today, but I’m suddenly inspired, maybe its the coffee. Anyway, I was thinking of favors this morning and I was looking at cute tins like the ones below thinking how well these would work, when it hit me, every single I guy I know is going to think they are super lame.

I have no idea what type of favors a guy would like? I wish  I had the time and resources or even ideas on how to do gender specific favors but I am at a complete loss except for mini bottles of liquor and shot glasses.  These will not fly with J because he thinks giving people alcohol related favors will give them the impression that we are boozers. Well, they will be getting the right impression, but perhaps not the most flattering one of us.

Anyway, it struck me the other day that its a vicious cycle for males and the wedding industry. Guys don’t like weddings because they are girly and frou-frou , so they tend to not be involved in the wedding process. The wedding industry therefore creates even  less items that are appealing to guys and the cycle continues.  I think its odd that even though its 2007 we still tend to think of weddings/marriage as something thats just important to women. Why is it all about the Bride? or her day? or how she is going to be a princess? Why are there no Groomzillas proclaiming- goddamn it , its their day and if they want to wear holey shorts and a plaid shirt that was last washed in the 90s thats what they’ll wear.

My little feminist heart is bleeding for Grooms everywhere at the present. Sigh.

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