Challenge- Boredom

I guess July is anti boredom month, so in honor of that I am posting my answers to these questions from the challenge

1. Your entire family has gone away for the weekend. The house is all yours. What are the first three things you do?

Make a Snack, Paint Toenails, Read while they are drying

2. Your bankbook is looking healthy, you have a four-day weekend ahead. What sounds good?

Depends on how healthy! If its looking really good and its an ideal world, I’d want to take a quick trip abroad, maybe fly down to the Carribean. Only a little healthy then a road trip or a camping trip closeby. If leaving town is not an option then its going to be a weekend filled with food, hanging out , going to the movies etc.
3. What do you do while waiting in the doctors office?

Read old magazines that they have, read my own book, or catch up on phone calls
4. Would you rather spend an afternoon alone in a book store, a mall, napping in the hammock?

A combination of all three but but if I had to rank them, then bookstore first, hammock second , mall third
5. You have an unexpected 48 hour stay in the hospital. You’re coherent and not in pain. How do you spend the time? Reading? Channel Surfing? Laptop surfing? Calling your friends to come visit? Ringing for a nurse every five minutes? Sleeping?

Reading, Laptop Surfing and Channel surfing. Hospitals usually get good channels
6. You have a nine hour trans-continental flight. Get excited about finishing a hot novel? Watch the in-flight movies? Become best friends with the stranger seated next to you? Take three valium and sleep the time away?

Read the hot novels and watch all the inflight movies. I usually don’t like to talk to strangers on long flights. Also I don’t really sleep very well on planes.
7. You have a seven hour layover in Chicago O’Hare Airport. Do you wear down your cellphone battery calling friends? Read a book? People watch? Shop every store in the airport? Take a taxi and see the city?

Read and people watch.
8. What do you do when your bored stiff?

Play Scrabble w/ J , watch SVU, go on a walk, or scrapbook, and of course read
9. Work first, play later? OR Play while you can, the work will still be there when you get home?

A mix of both, but leaning more on the Play while you can when it comes to household chores, work first when I’m at my job.
10. List three times that you are easily bored.

Sunday afternoons, when i just feel antsy, The monday night of a 3 day weekend, At J’s science parties where I feel like I don’t know anyone and I don’t care enough to get to know the people.

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