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I just got news this morning that I’m going to become an aunt again. My fave cousin, my hero, my older bro, my pal in late night partying is going to have a baby. I am so excited for him and his wife, that I can barely restrain myself from flying down to Australia right now. I am also excited b/c this will be the first Dasgupta born in a long time 🙂 My other two nephews have different last names.

 Also, on the topic of nephews, I really hope I get a little niece this time. I absolutely adore my two nephews but they are both such “typical” boys. I  have been lucky to be a cool aunt to them b/c I can discuss Star Wars, Spiderman, Light Sabers, cars, Darth Vader, Camping and other boy stuff, but I want to be a cool aunt to a girl too so that I can teach her to play dress up and give her my old dolls and play house, and tea parties with her. Also then I will have an excuse to buy those cute little dresses. (Little boys do not like cute outfits as presents…shhhh….don’t tell anyone). And when she gets older, I’m totally going to give her cool vintage tees and funky jewelry that i’ve collected. Sigh!

Anyway, I’m off to ponder the joys of being an auntie some more.

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