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Ode to 7Eleven

Okay, its not really an ode, but in honor of it being 7/11 today I thought I’d post about how much I love Seven Eleven. Right now, there is no seven eleven in my life because they don’t have seven eleven in the south. They have Circle K and I suppose its close to seven eleven, but i aske where’s the green and the orange? Its just not the same.  My favorite seven eleven memories are of course of the slurpee . Walking over to seven eleven on a hot summer day to get the diet coke slurpee…yum.  Or even having a debate about if the seven eleven at the bottom of Big Cottonwood canyon is the busiest 7 Eleven in the country. I still don’t believe it but if think it is , you are not alone, I went to high school with several people who thought that.

Another of my 7 eleven memories is of the one on Main street, Logan, where MB and I would stop by every friday evening to get  their syrupy sweet frozen coffees. This was our friday night ritual after which we would either drive down to SLC or go out and party. Those coffee drinks gave us just the right amount of caffeine boost. I remember we would often show up at a friend’s house giggly and acting stupid and people would think we were already drunk, but it was just the caffeine.

Anyway, maybe the next place J and I move to will have 7 elevens and I’ll make some more memories, but till then Thanks for the Slurpees and the good times 7 eleven. You were a huge part of my adolescent landscape.

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