DIY v Generic

So according to all the wedding sites, I need tostart focussing on invitations . I am so torn about this , because I love every kind of paper item imaginable. Take me to a scrapbook, stationary, or even a book store and its heaven for me. But since we are doing two weddings and in the interest of sticking within a budget, I have chosen to cut down on invitation spending. I also felt justified in scrimping in this area becasue other than our immediate family and few close friends, the invites are going to end up in the trash anyway. So this means I have two options

1) DIY Invites. Design our invites on photoshop and then hire a local printer or Kinkos to print them out for us. This would be my preffered method of doing it except I’m not as photoshop savvy as I’d like to be and I wonder if the costs of buying paper and printing at Kinko’s will end up being more expensive in the long run, in terms of time and sanity. I have already decided I’m going to DIY programs, so DIYing invites seems too much work. Plus, J is not in favor of DIY invites.

2) Buy a more “generic” invite from an online retailer. It will be a little more expensive but it will take away a lot of the planning burden off of me. Also J is in favor of pre made invites because he feels it will look way nicer than anything we come up with on our own. It does have some negatives, like I will have to spend hours finding invites that do not have hearts, doves, butterflies, flowers, bells, kissing children, angels….yadayadayada. Its hard to find budget friendly premade invites that are funky and cool and most of the ones i like are in the $200 range. And most importantly, I hate white 😦

As I continue the search this week, I will post a few that appeal to me.

1 thought on “DIY v Generic”

  1. I’m doing the DIY invites. I got pocketfolders, and that allows me to just print inserts. But I’m like you…I obsess about paper and fun designs, and then know it’s going to take me 8 billion years to actually put them together. Anyhow, if you need any Photoshop help, let me know. I’m a graphic designer.

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