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I think a mentioned a while ago that I have taken up scrapbooking. Its a really fun hobby and I have found some really great designers whose work I think is really exciting. They are simple and focus more on recording one’s thoughts on clean , graphic layouts and are less about embellishments and stickers.  One designer who really inspires me is Cathy Zielske. She is often criticized that her layouts look too much like advertisements but maybe because I am a marketing major,   I find them enchanting. My favorite is one where she finds inspiration in a Jones Soda Bottle Label. Jones Soda and Simple Scrapbooks (She is the creative director for the magazine) put it up here.

Anyway, yesterday after working out , I decided to go check out the Scrapbook store. There is only one in Durham, apart from Michaels and AC Moore. In a tiny little town in  Utah there were atleast 4 or 5. Its funny all the major scrapbooking companies have their offices in Utah. Woo Hoo UT Scrap Capital of the world.

I am really happy with my new hobby and that it allows me to express my self visually and through words

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