Friends, Life


Whew! What a busy weekend!!! J and I have been cleaning, organizing and setting up house non stop since last friday and we still have a few mini projects we want to finish before tongiht when my mom gets here. We did have some fun scouting Thrift stores for a couch and some end tables and I am happy to report that we found both!

Projects we completed:

Bought a cute loveseat

Bought two really nice end tables and matching lamps

Reorganized bedroom

Reorganized study (both look damn good , in my opinion)

We also had some fun this weekend! We went to our weekly potluck at DS’s house and my friend ST fulfilled his lifelong dream of buying stilts. He found construction stilts on craigslist and after our yummy potluck we decided to give them a whirl. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it because I was wearing high heels and the stilts couldn’t be brought down from a size 12 to fit my size 6 feet. But what the hell!!! We only live once right and I had full faith that the boys wouldn’t let me fall! Check out my stilt pics!


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