I hate CVS

The title pretty much sums it up! When I’m in a bind and need photos printed right away! ( yes, I have photo emergencies, don’t you?) I go to the CVS one hour digital prints. The last two times, I had such  a horrible experience with them: broken machine, bad employees, horrible prints, not ready in time that I swore that I would stick to my online service and never use them again. But, yesterday, since I bought some new frames and I really wanted to put a few photos in them before tonight that I thought I would give CVS another try, boy was that a mistake! They messed up my order, gave me prints from a previous order, told me I hadn’t ordered 1 hour service when I clearly had and on top of that the Store manager, yes the store manager got bitchy with me!!! On top of that i have to wait for my pics till wednesday. I have decided that I have had enough! I am boycotting CVS for good!

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