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I have now officially hired a photographer. Although I’m not sure if hired is the right word to use when someone is doing it for free! But, I’m giddy and happy anyway because the contract is in the mail! My photographer maintains a blog that shows off some of her wonderful pictures. For an up and coming photographer I think she is really talented and likes color!  I am really excited that she is doing this for us.

She also offered free bridals in her wedding package and although I was hesitant, I decided to go ahead and do them on Oct 3 anway. My reasoning behind this was that I will only wear my wedding dress once so why not have as many pics of it as possible. Plus she is agreeable to do something cool by graffiti walls and also of some around modern architecture. However, I think I’m going to let her call the shots on this one, because after all she is doing this for free and she should get stuff she wants for her portfolio too.

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