India, Wedding


I guess more and more people are telling J and I that they are excited about the wedding in India! This is great news on one hand,  but on the other it is sending my anxieties levels into space! Its hard coordinationg lodging and entertainment for a lot of people from halfway around the world. Also, I am nervous to go ahead and plan too much or book too many rooms because India is not a small endeavor and my guess is most people will back out at the last minute. Anyway, I am going to stress about it more this weekend I guess.

In other news, my parents are coming out for a visit next week which should be a lot of fun. Its going to suck that I can’t take time off work then, because my new position kicks in exactly that week 😦  but i’m sure we’ll survive. However, to prepare for that week of fun, J and I need to bust our ass this weekend.  List of stuff to do :

1) Make sure our apartment is sparkling clean

2) Buy a sidetable to replace our crappy one

3) Buy a lamp to go on new side table

4) Do laundry and keep the bedroom spotless till the fam arrives

5) Make layla calm down

6) Plan menus for the 6 days they’ll be here

7) Plan activities

8) Get Car registered ….grrrrr

So, I’m not really looking forward to this weekend as much, but after last weekends incredibly eventful activities, it will be nice to be mellow and chill.

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