Life, Love


I have a new office/cubicle and a new job role! I am going to be a tech support coordinator for my company, which means ensuring that our customers are getting the required and timely responses from our tech support team. I am excited about the new job but I’m even more excited about my cubicle! I have never had my own cubicle before, I finally have my own three walls. I am super excited to put up pictures and a plant and all sorts of fun little toys that I have!

Right now life is good! I have the best fiance in the world, he spent all weekend taking care of me and another friend SVS when we got drunk at a party and he took me to a really yummy seafood dinner on tuesday to celebrate my promotion. We went to a restaurant called Fishmongers in downtown Durham and we ordered so much food! We got raw oysters and curry calamari as appetizers, I got a blackened Reddrum Fish as an entree and J got BBQ shrimp. We also got yummy sides of jalapeno corn and sugar snap peas. It was a great celebratory dinner.

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