Sendomatic – Vendor Review

For my Save the Dates , I used an online announcement sender. I chose sendomatic over others especially is because sendomatic was not cheesy and my card looked more like an e-card rather than an invitation. At evite, I found that it was really hard to upload my picture and make it look nice. Also there was no way to get rid of the response boxes. Sendomatic gave me an option of uploading my pictures, getting rid of response boxes and sendomatic’s designs in general were very pretty. For 100 ecards it cost me 12.99 and there were absolutely no advertisements on either the site or the email sent to guests. Also the 12.99 covers any other correspondence I might have with my guests, like reminders etc. Sendomatic also lets you see all the people who have viewed your invitation and guests can also send comments to you through your e-card. The only thing I didn’t like about Sendomatic was that it didn’t have an option to turn off the sound. I really did not want sound on my e-card but there was no way to change. Overall I give Sendomatic an A- and I will definitely use their services in the future.

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