So, now that I have run out of exuses on why I can’t work on my wedding save the dates, the crucial moment is finally at hand. I wanted to do email save the dates for our wedding and my original plan was to make some sort of fancy html email. I don’t know why this would have worked b/c because neither J nor I know html. Anyway, I decided on a web based , evite type thing but now it seems there’s the options of paid or non paid. Free email ( invites seem really hassle free but the  designs are strictly okay and there is heavy advertisements throughout the site. The paid site ( is really cool customizable but they even charge for emails that don’t go through. Also for some reason their email seems like it has problems on some browsers and my guess is that they might be considered spam by a lot of peoples emails. 

 I propose that Google’s next new app should be a decision o matic site. Where you put in your options, pros , cons, etc and the site chooses for you. I think super indecisive people like me would be eternally grateful.

In other wedding news, we have had a set back on the Indian ceremony. My whole family had finally agreed upon a reception and ceremoney venue and this is no small feat in my large and crazy family where everyone is very very very opinionated. Anyway, it seems like the vendor is being a jerk and has doubled the price of the venue so we are back to the drawing board. What this means, is more opinions and more chaos.

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