Summer Time and the Livin’s easy

I really wish my finals were over! I finished my 3 hardest ones last week and now I have 3 more to get through and then its the summer. I am so excited for this summer and since I’m such a geek I made a list of stuff I want to do this summer.  Here’s my summer list to cure my monday morning blues:

Go see the “Bodies” exhibit

Go to the pool on a random day

Go to the beach

Make two new summer cocktails

Make a new summer salad

Have a fun meal on our porch

Ride my bike in the park

Take a hike along Eno river with Layla

Get super lean legs and wear a new pair of boarding shorts

Learn to play the drums

Re decorate our bedroom

Redecorate our living room

Plan fun activities for our wedding

Take a trip to Utah (fingers crossed)

I feel better already! I’m going to try to update this list as things come up!

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