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Grrr….I am so stressed right now about finals. Plus when I get this stressed, things seem to go south between J and I too because neither of us handles stress very well. However after a rather difficult week, we have patched things up and come to several compromises. Lets hope we can stick to them.

Wedding plans are coming along. I’ve been procrastinating on making Save The Dates for a long time ,but I think after my finals, I will just have to *do the damn things*

Our guest list seems to be growing by the day. I really don’t mind, because most of the people I haven’t seen in a long time and they are old family friends who have watched me grow up. I don’t know whats going on with my inlaws guest list. I feel bad that most of the guest will be from my side of the family but we are also paying for the whole wedding and they aren’t even helping.

We have also asked my MIL for a guest list many times now and we haven’t heard anything from them. Ofcourse I know there will all of J’s family but I’m wondering how many friends they will invite.

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