Life, Love, Wedding

Whats going on?


Things are good. We are happy. I think our little bout of cold feel has settled down. I just mostly feel comfortable. I do worry, that since we are in the lull of planning a wedding, that maybe we aren’t focussing so much on what its going to mean to be married. I hope it doesn’t hit us all at once a week before the wedding.


I started a new hobby, scrapbooking. It was fun, I did a few pages of mine and J’s trip to the Bahamas. It was relaxing.

I have also joined a gym. My first session there is this afternoon. I am excited to get rid of this extra weight and get skinny. I want to look beautiful for my weddings.


I was asked to give a speech recently for a big awards dinner. I think I did alright. It could have been better, but overall the content of my speech was the most personal and entertaining out of everyone’s there.


Here comes the madness-

Things that are done:


Registered at one place

Catering Quotes

Photography quotes

Cake quotes

Videography Quotes

Things That Need to Happen:




Coordination for the day of the wedding

Book Hotel rooms

Organize everyone for wedding party

Buy J’s Suit

Buy J’s ring

and so much more that just thinking about it makes me nauseous

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