Hi, Blog remember me, its your writer!!!

🙂 🙂

Wow, I can’t believe,I used to update this blog regularly. Seems like I don’t even have time nowadays to even sit down,let alone write out an entry!

Anyway, life is chugging along!!! Halloween was really fun this year. We kept with tradition and went to Franklin Street but we went with my friends Jen and Er instead of J’s lab people.

School is kicking my ass, I am so behind and I could do so much better at Math if I could make it to my class every single day instead of every other day. But it is hard to get up and be there so early. Also Marketing Mgmt would be a lot better if my parter didn’t suck.

J and I are good, we are what I call our usual selves. We have little fights about cleaning the apartment, or who is going to go pick up Wendys, but other than that we get along pretty swell. My friend and parents are good also but I feel like I don’t get to interact with anybody as much b/c of work and school…..grrrr…

Speaking of work , I have a new internship, hence access to computer during the workday, hence the social loafing and thus we have a new entry…..Wooooooo!!!!

Its a milestone….or not.

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