And so it goes

Its been one month and 6 days since I have last posted. Grr..time flies. I can’t believe, one more month and the semester will be over. Things continue to go well on the school front. Planning out my summer school is stressing me out a little, because if I can’t get all the classes I want, I won’t be able to graduate Dec 07, which is the goal grad date now.

In life, nothing is really up, because it revolves around school, work, and homework. J and I are pretty steady these days, I think it has to do with both of us being super busy ,so even if we are cranky around each other, we stop because emotional upheavals require more effort than they are worth.

Lately,I have been missing my friends a lot. It was KD’s b’day recently and I’m a little sad, i didn’t get to celebrate her quarterlife milestone with her, but I’m sure we’ll make up for it the next time we get together.

Also, it seems more and more unlikely that I’ll make it to JJ’s wedding and taht depresses me so much. We have been discussing weddings and marriages for as long as I can remember and could not imagine not being at her wedding then.

Also being so busy makes it harder to keep in touch with friends over IM and phone simply cuz I don’t have the time….grrr….a year and a half, hopefully i’ll make it and my freinds will be patient enough and wait till I can breathe freely again.

Making a solemn vow to update more often, but I have a feeling that vow might be broken.

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