Hair today

Oh God, its been so long since I’ve updated. Between school and work, I have zero time left for boyfriend, self or anything else, let alone my blog. I am enjoying work, its nice to get paid for non taxing(intellectually) work,but also get a bit of a work out(physically) while its busy. I like it busy anyway, cuz time goes by so quickly and I feel like I get skinnier. Because of how busy I’ve been my calorie intake has been about700 cals a day. Although, I realize this is going to help me get skinny fast, i need to not be this drastic.

When I get stressed out, I take it out on myself the most, and I need to not do that. If i want to get ready for the type of job, I really want in the future, I need to learn to handle stress now.

Everything else is going fine,meaning nothing new or exciting has happened in a long time. However:
a) i am getting back a decent tax refund, so i can pay down some of my credit cards
b) I am getting a haircut tomorrow and my hair decided to look decent today , so now i’m back to being torn about getting it cut short. It had seriously looked heinous, everyday but today! Stupid hair…..grrrr….Anyway, I was thinking of getting a short bob, something nicole richieish. Hope it will look good

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