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sickly weakling…..

Blah…I am sick.

Actually I’m kinda glad. I was feeling semi sick all last week, and was being really whiny about. Its always nice to get some sort of feedback that, indeed I am not crazy.Yaaaaaaay!!!!

Also now J feels bad that he rolled his eyes at me last week, when I told him I was coming down with something. I am really not a hypochondriac, so it pissed me off and as usual I am glad to have been proven right.

This afternoon, in a moment of weakness, I spilled the beans to my mother about how J and I have vague plans to marry…sometime in the future. This was a wrong move. Although she said she understood why we were going so slow, the whole conversation was sprinkled with

“you really should just get married now”, “your grandparents are getting old”, “2006 is a lucky year”

…And if I know my mother, it will only get worse. Gah!!! Bad Girliegirl…

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