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New Dogs and Old Friends

I got the highest score on my marketing test in both the sections. Hey its nice to know I’m at least smarter than 65 random girls. As NG says- Go positive reinforcement.

Last night J and I took layla on a walk to the elementary school by our house and ran across a stray lost puppy. She was really friendly and very happy to see us. She and Layla had a lot of fun playing together. Anyway, it was getting cold and we brought her home for the night and then had to take her to the shelter this morning. I felt really bad, there’s just this awful feeling of how wrong it is to drive a dog to a shelter, instead of bringing it home.

I know its not a big deal, but it really felt like it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, because I know what happens to the dogs that don’t get adopted. But I do recognize that if Layla got lost, I would want someone to do the exact same thing, take her to the shelter, cuz she would be well cared for and it would be easy fior me to find her. Although, given how spoilt and obnoxious layla is, I doubt her chances of getting adopted would be very high.

Having a nice, mellow puppy around also made us painfully aware, how obnoxious laylz can be sometimes. I don’t think she knew if she was trying to get more attention from the dog, or us, but she knew that *everyone* had to give her attention. Is this a common trait of an only child? Am I like this ? I guess sometimes, but I feel most people are like this sometimes. And also, I plan on reproducing only once, so there’s a higer than 50% chance that I won’t have twins and I’ll raise an only child as well. And if J is the dad , then the kid is in trouble, cuz we have thoroughly spoilt Layla into manipulative, needy brat.

In other news, I feel kinda guilty for not being around NG, not that she is very needy anymore, and seems to have a seperate group of friends from me, but i guess i do like her and miss her, so i’ll try to make a bigger effort to hang out with her soon.

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