the scar you’re most proud of don’t have too many physical scars
your favourite condiment hot sauce and mayo
if you have freckles one on my nose
your preferred method of cooking impromptu
what shoes you’re wearing standard black wedges
how many children you have none
the first person you french kissed Nate
your preferred breed of dog mutts
where you were born Calcutta India
what colour underwear you’re wearing pink
where your keys are right now oh shit…i think by the door
if you have split ends not lately
when you last got laid last night
your opinion on airline food its not that bad
what cosmetic surgery you would consider liposuction
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex on slide, or a teeter totter would be kinda kinky
your worst malady depression
if your mum loves your dad yes, definitely
if you can sing well not really, but drunk karaoke is fun
what your olympic event would be luge
someone you admire Every minority woman in a positon of power
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map Niger
the last time you cried monday
your most interesting sexual congress location gas station bathroom
part of the Sunday papers you read first Arts
the languages you speak hindi, bengali, punjabi, english
the religion you were raised in a mix of all
if you can draw well can’t draw worth s*****
your favourite photograph is a out of focus shot of J, layla and I lying around in bed
what you should be doing instead of this my assignment for my marketing class

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