Weight loss 2006

Yaaaay!!! I might be able to swing a free gym membership at this really nice health club next to my work, in exchange for free tanning of course…..Sweet, maybe I can get my lazy ass in order and start working out.

I do feel healthier though, becaus I feel like I’m eating significantly less these days…but it could also be all in my head. The sucky thing about not having a scale is going to bed bath and beyond or linens and things to weigh myself[now that i don’t have a gym membership:(] Oh well..I’m just going to enjoy the feeling in my head.

I think its because J and I have been buying really easy foods and not really been making yummy, tasty meals and my guess is that the trend will continue as we will spend less and less time at home on weekday night.

I’m excited to get skinny….dammit……

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