…And here we are….

So, the much anticipated new year, especially much anticipated month-January is finally here. The time of starting over and hoping that this year, there will be no major fuck ups. I’m being a pessimist….pffffft….Bah Humbug!

The end of last year was so horribly dramatic that I’m not even relieved that its the new year and its the time for new begginnings, or any of that stuff….Honestly its not that bad…I’ve just been in a weird funk.

Top 10 things that have happened, since I last posted

1) J got knee surgery and had a blood clot in his lungs a few days later and couldn’t breathe and we thought he might die. He is not dead, he is still kicking and banging his drums behind me and still annoying as ever.

2) I went to India and saw my cousin get married for real this time. He did not call of the wedding, after all far flung relatives had already made it to India

3) I am 10lbs heavier, because of India, wedding food and just because I am a lazy glutton

4) J and I are doing a 2 week substance free stint and getting tons of annoying comments from our friends. Geez, they need to grow up

5) I am all set to start school in 2 days. Infact, i have already made friends with a 23 year old ex stripper and am awaiting my laptop.

6) J’s ex g.f is back in touch with him and wants to revive the relationship. She is also married and unhappy and is turning to J for “comfort”

7)Layla no longer jumps when I come home, she sits and looks at me and wags her tail like a civilized dog. Ofcourse these are on good days

8) I learned in India, that I am a very popular aunt. I am also very opinionated about how people should raise their kids. This makes me feel bad, because I have no reason to feel this strongly about this

9) Work is nice, steady and boring. i am loving it. I even managed to make working at a Tanning Salon tie in with my interests.

10) I think I might have tendencies for depression.

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