Settling In

Now that everything seems to have mostly fallen into place, I’m finally relieved. But i’m also really drained, being constantly stressed out over the last month has really taken a toll on my life, especially aspects like sense of humor, likeability, wise-assishness :). One more week and then its off to Chicago for me to train for the new job.

Its turning out to be a very odd end of the month. J will be at SFN from Saturday through Thursday, and I leave the following Sunday for Chicago, come back, get through J’s surgery, and then I’m off to India.

I’m going to miss J terribly, Africa was so hard and now India will seem longer, simly because of all the added on trips. I hope we survive the stress,especially me of working and studying at the same time. I will have no time for a life- gym, shopping, gasp(!) ANTM…..

I want January to be here already and for us to have moved out of our weird phase.

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