Got back into town last night. Sooo tired. Quick recap:


J and I made it to Ft.Lauderdale, after nearly missing our flight. It was close but we were the last people on the plane and strangely, the seats assigned to us were also the very last row on the plane.I guess Delta knows its passengers

At Ft. Lauderdale we met up with K and JC and took a cab to the cruise. It took forever to make our way through the lines and actually get on the damn boat, but I guess its just normal regulations for cruising. We had lunch and found our cabin and realized we had BUNK BEDS.

Friday night, we hung out on the deck, and the bar and since both parties were fairly tired, we didn’t party too hardy after Dinner. We did see the show revue, where K and I cracked up everytime the male dancers would come out in their little outfits.


We docked at Nassau and took the Sea Captain out to the ocean for some snorkeling. There were some tense moments for me since I ‘m not the strongest swimmer and being in the open sea was a little nerve wracking, but hey, I made it.

After snorkeling we went to the Blue Lagoon Island and had lunch and bought some stuff from the gift shop and relaxed by the lagoon. JC and K left at 2 but J and I hung around and explored the island.

Made it back to the Dock with 1/2 and hour to spare, so we bought some conchs and duty free liquor! Whoooo!!

Sat night, all of us got crazy drunk and J, JC and I did Karaoke. JC was the best , followed by me and then J. J and I were kinda upset with each other, its too bad it happened over vacation, but we made up so it wasn’t terrible.

Sunday morning, We left the boat, rented a car and drove along the coast up to Orlando. We stopped at the Cape Canaveral National sea Shore to check out some alligators(1) and Manatees(0) but we did see some really cool herons, ospreys, pelicans , scrub jays etc. JC and K also saw a bobcat. In orlando, that night, we just hung around the hot tub and ate Pizza

Monday, We drove to St. Pete’s to the Salvador Dali museum and hung out in their cute little downtown. JC and Kim took us to the airport straight after and we hung out at bar there till it was time for our flight to leave and that was the end of the vacay.


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