I am still recovering from last night. I know its almost two in the afternoon and I still feel a little drunk. We hung out on Franklin Street with the usual crew and hit up some bars and a party. Overall a great halloween 2005, much better than last year.


* My Devil Costume, it worked out really well, other than the fact that the material made me look thicker than I am, but it was okay,cuz I got a lot of catcalls and J was all over me in a good way.

* J’s Cheney and W costume got him lot of compliments, although, I was really close to hitting him towards the end when he would not stop putting the damn thing in people’s faces

*Y’s costume was fantastic, I am so impressed by her sewing skills

*Y and my sword/pitchfork fight at the cave, while the whole bar cheered. I won! Yaaay. And right after a guy came up to us and whispered “That was hot”

*Making it to the abandoned party, scoring free beer and seeing RS, M and J bob for apples

*Hanging out in Hell. Tee Hee, couldnt’ resist. RS wandering around and asking people, where hell was? and everyone was so drunk, that the question was taken very seriously.

*Negotiating for a cab, cabbie being nice, being a jackass, being nice again and everyone in the cab apologising.

*J and I coming home together after debauchery and plenty of temptations.

Happy Halloween everyone

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