Making Up

Friday night, J and I had a fight. Fight is a wrong word, because it wasn’t provoked and we weren’t really argueing about anything personal, just a hypothetical situtation about an article on the internet. He was an ass and decided to make it personal! But once again, I don’t want to call it a fight, because before i could call him out on it, he realized his assholishness(atleast it looked like he did) and then apologised profusely all night. Anyway, the damage was done, I was incredibly hurt and angry and J was drunk, so we went to bed very upset. We patched up in the morning and cleaned our apt top to bottom.

Now this is interesting because I have talked about this before, i.e our apt as a metaphor for a relationship. Whenever J’s been an ass,or we’ve had some pretty serious relationship arguements, we always clean the apt together once we’ve patched up. Its an unspoken act of working on “fixing up” our surroundings, and the space we share and an act of renewed commitment perhaps. Call me naive and overly romantic,but there is something so sweet about this ritual!

Although we did have this conversation-

GG: You should be a dick and say mean things when you are drunk more often
J: Why? so I’ll feel bad and clean
GG: Yeah, and then I’ll feel bad and join in too.
J: Done, from now on, whenever the apt is getting messy, we’ll have a nice fight!

Moral of the story: Fighting leads to a clean apt and good make up sex.

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