Money Money Money Money……

Gaaaaaaaaah! I haven’t updated this thing in ages. Its so hard to remember long lucid thoughts that i have during lulls at work or on the way home and then come back and blog about something interesting. Grrr….

Anyway, things seem to be going really well! Things for school are on track and I’m optimistic that things will work out accordingly. I am still a little nervous about housing and job, but there’s really nothing I can do about it now, so I’ve decided to chill.

Things are good with the fam, J, friends and just social life in general. The only thing thats not okay are finances. But in a weird way, when thats the only non stellar thing in life,it really does make the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” seem true. I mean we have a long period of financial burdens ahead and we are already feeling some of the effects now, but I think overall I’m really happy with life.

Halloween and our cruise to the Bahamas are right around the corner. I have yet to zero in on a costume but J is leaning towards something that mocks the current administration. I think I’ll only commit, once I’ve been to the fabric store and goodwill and see whats available.

I’ve been majorly into Eliott Smith lately, Its too bad that he had to commit suicide before I discovered his music , so I’ll never get a chance to see him live. We were in a silly mood last night, so J and I downloaded some Neil Diamond and I shrieked “Sweet Caroline” at the top of my lungs. Have also been into Willie Nelson majorly. Weird, I know.

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