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Top 10 Cuisines I loooooooooove

So JJ and I have decided to do Top 10 foods we love. Why you ask, because its friday and we are hungry and not much is happening at work. Anyway, get ready to salivate

1) Indian: Okay, so its not hard to guess that my fave is Indian, I love all dishes indian, northern, southern, bengali, gujrati , whatever. My fave dishes though would have to be : Tandoori Chicken, Palak Paneer, Garlic Naan, Biriyani and my grandma’s Lamb in dry curry.
Best restaurant- Sitar India, Bombay house and any restaurant in artesia LA

2) Thai: I love the spicy coconut curries of thai, fave dishes are: Green curry chicken, Tom Kha soup, Divine Rice from Me Kong Cafe in SLC,
Fave restaurants: Taste of THai, MeKong Cafe

3) Mexican: Mexican is cheap and super tasty for eating out. I love getting the combo plates with cheese enchiladas, beans and rice. I also love Taco Truck Tacos
Fave Restaurants: El Torreros, Cafe Rio, Taco Truck, Baja Burrito. I also like the Station in logan and their chicken in spicy cream sauce

4) Sushi: Oh I could wax the poetic about Sushi, I love it sooo much! But my tastes in Sushi often tends to run towards the more pedestrian, cuz I often like the more common rolls than the gourmet rolls. Faves are Spicy Tuna, Philly roll, yellow tail and anything with salmon.I also like the fried rolls every once in a while.
Fave Restaurants: Kanki’s, Mikado,

5) Malaysian: I have only had this a couple of times, but i loved it. Its like the love child of Indian and Thai. I love Roti Parata with chicken curry and red curry soup with noodles.
Fave restaurants: I have only had Malaysian a couple of time, so i don’t think i have a fave yet

6) Middle Eastern/Greek:yummmmm….falafel and hummus. my life would be incomplete without them.
Fave restaurant:International Delights, Babaghanouj

7) Chinese: I like regular chinese fine, but what I really love is Indian style chinese, which is available in very few places in the US. My faves are: Chicken Fried Rice, Chow mein, and Chilli Chicken
Fave Restaurant: Fredricks in Toronto, Shanghai , Japan express( it is basically chinese takeout),they have this sweet and spicy white sauce thats just incredible.

8) Fast Food: I know its not cool to like Fast food, but when a taco bell or Micky D’s craving hits me, nothing else can satisfy. MMMMM…cheese fries.
Fave Restaurant: McDonalds, Training Table, Taco Bell, Wendys

9) Southern/Country Style/Home Cooking:I guess it must have been moving to the south that did this for me, but i don’t know how i made it without Biscuits, Hush puppies, country gravy and fried fish. Bring on the cholestrol.
Fave Restaurants: Bennetts, Wimpy’s , Cracker Barrell, The Q Shack

10)Breakfast: I know this is n’t really a cuisine, but I love 99% of breakfast foods. Faves would have to be veggie ommlettes, breakfast burritos, pancakes, oh man, i could go on and on.
Fave Restaurants: Graysons, IHOP, Dees, Gulgupf cafe

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