Conversation at 9 am

Girlie Girl: Hey, so my dad got a new burberry and he got it for free

J: Burberry?

Gg: You know, those PDA/phone thingies

J: Oh you mean Blueberry

Gg:Oh duh! I guess thats what they are called

J: Yeah, isn’t burberry some Saks fashion thingy

G: yeah, I do like some of their stuff though.

J: Eh

GG: Isn’t it cool though, I’d like a free burberry

J: God babe get it right its blue berry

GG: Shit! yeah that….

Later that afternoon, text msg from GG to J ” Its not a blue berry, its a blackberry Ha!”

I wish this story was made up, but its not! I really didn’t know, i was this clueless
Then again, I also set off the smoke alarm in the kitchen , took it off and now can’t figure out how to screw it back in! Sigh!

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