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World Beer Festival

I had a blast! Till saturday, I had no idea, about how much beer I could actually consume and still stumble home through the mud, w/out getting any mud above my ankle. Thats some special walking I tell you!

I also got a Terrapin Temporary tattoo, tried Skoal chew (1st time) and got asked to flash for beads, I did not comply with the request.

Beverage Highlights:

Cherry Lambic
Blueberry Beer
Creme Brule Java Stout, from Knudenhauser
Milk Stout, from Duck Rabbit
More to come after I look through my booklet

Food Highlights

Sitar India Tikka Masala
Blue something cafe Fish Tacos
Rudinos Pizza
…And yes, I ate 1/2 of everything

General Highlights:

Trying Skoal green apple chew, realizing it not to be one of my more brilliant ideas, infact probably something i ‘m not going to live down for a while! Look on Man meat’s face when he found out chew was for me: Priceless. Hee hee

Walking around barefoot in the mud with J. Ridiculous fun!

J: Tell me you did not sit on a porta potty
GG: Of course not, I didn’t even want to go it
J: I can still love you
GG: Yaaaaaaaaay!!!

A new frontier has been crossed/reached (?) whatever it is that you do at a frontier has been done to the more intimate details of our relationship.

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