Recoiling Registrars.

So, they called from the college yesterday to tell me that I can be eligible for Financial Aid in the spring!!!! Yaaaay!!!! Except for the fact that I need to get my transcripts and that is taking up more time and energy than required.

J is a little nervous about impending changes, and there will be quite a few! Infact, I am pretty nervous myself.Everything seems up in the air and seems poised to change: job, house, life, etc…..Hopefully it will be for the better.

Other than that, life is going well, J and I are chill, he is going to schedule his surgery in November, but once again, like every other detail in our life, its up in the air.

I have noticed my brushing,no rinsing habits are influenced by my boyfriends. Weird! What is my style? Runaway Bride style question of the day. hmmmmm.

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