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I love my blog, Yes i do, I love my blog, Yaaaay

I am in a good mood today! Why you ask? Well it could be that I might get thai, or sushi? for lunch!

Because I got to spend last night at home all by myself (with laylz) and watch tv and I went to the gym. Go me , go me.

Its funny, after a year of living together, I am genuinely happy for J to leave the apt, so I can do nothing, all by myself. I also do nothing, when he is around, or in another room, but there’s something luxurious about doing nothing all by yourself. Like a mini vacation. I swear mini vacations have been the theme of 90% of my blog entries.

I look skinnier, a tiny little bit, but its something. Especially since the yahoo BMI calculator informed me that I’m dangerously close to being….dun…dun…dun…overweight.AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Must redouble efforts. Kudos to self on working out. A for effort on eating better, well maybe only B.

J finishes his project today. Bring on the partying, hopefully. Am also starting to PMS, must remember to not mix crazy amounts of alcohol with crazy whacked out hormones.

3 thoughts on “I love my blog, Yes i do, I love my blog, Yaaaay”

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