I heart grouches and blogs

Don’t have a lot to write about at present. Feeling generally lethargic, reasons unknown.

J is being a major grouch, I guess having serious financial issues, project due at the end of the week, and a bad leg would probably bring out the bitch in me as well…but still, he really is being a pain in the ass. I have kinda played along and been aloof as well, but will try to be nice.

I think I might plan a little picnic getaway to celebrate his presentation, and maybe that will cheer him up.

Deciding if I should start a recipe blog, but I have issues, with not being able to sort things on blogger, must look into typepad, or word pad or xanga or the other ones. I heart blogs.

Have lost 5lbs. So I celebrated this weekend by gorging on chips and dip. Way to go me.

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