Midweek Recap

So I have decided, its time to seriously start exploring options for going back to school! I am a little scared, I won’t get enough financial aid, but we’ll see how everything goes. I’m just mentioning this now, and I’m sure I’ll post more about it as plans/ideas get more solidified.

The week hasn’t been terrible. Tuesday I went to dinner w/ J’s coworkers and work friend. THe restaurant was horribly over priced, and the food was really only average, but the people were nice, and over all a decent time was had by all. J and I did get into a minor squabble about when to leave, but nothing major. I am still a little insecure about 2 chicks from his work, but I’m trying to move on ,and get over my insecurites and not put any more ideas in his head (bad me, especially last night). But in all reality nothing too major. I hope, I refuse to fuel my insecurities by obsessing about them here. Writing something down is almost making it permanent, and honestly thats the last thing i need.

In other news, I don’t know how feasible India is going to be for both J and me, since his knee has to be operated upon and will cost quite a bit, even after insurance. Everything is so frustrating………grrrrrr…..I asked J, when does it all end and he said, ” when we die” and of course this led to a very depressing conversation in bed. GAWD, I have a knack for these things.

Hung out with NG last night, and it was really fun, now that I feel that boundaries have been established and she is not everywhere I look. We watched ANTM, and I must say, I have high hopes for this season! I do miss Miss Janice Dickinson horribly, and ANTM will never be the same without her. The contestants this season already seem very drama prone and that can only lead to some awesome hall of fame moments. I think for Cycle 5, instead of doing my re caps and lists, I’ll just post a few best moments and best lines.

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