Cycle 5 ANTM

The Bonus Premiere, episode thingy:

Lisa : “Sometimes, my heart is too big for my body.”

Ebony. “Don’t get it twisted” and bawling and saying bananas when she made the final cut

Cassandra: Don’t remember the exact quote but when she says something to the effect of her being a robot. This show is awesome!!!

Kim: One down, Eleven to go

Tyra has lost weight and her hair atleast yesterday, was not freakish and she seems a little less holier than thou this season, I might get over my tyra hatred, if she keeps this up.

Jay Manuel is as orange as ever. Miss J’s flowers were the most interesting moment during judging. Twiggy needs to step it up, if she wants to have any kind of impact on the show and Nigel Barker is as HOT as ever!

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