Refreshing boredom

Yesterday was refreshingly normal! The type of day, I will refer to as blah/boring/lame etc, in 2 weeks. J and I woke up , went to work, Work was a typical monday, Drove home , bitched about gas prices, being broke ass, had leftovers for dinner which included: mexican, thai, pizza, and scotch! After that, I went and bought my bookclub book and read till the Daily Show came on and made fun of our dear president! Then I read, and J listened to music and then we went on a little walk and went to bed.

J and his boy were wrong King of Wishful thinking is not a depeche mode song, but a Go west song. Score for me and KD. We also discussed the merits of Ringo starr! We are uber lame….yes i’m using the word uber. I also listened to a Michael Jackson song, I had never heard called “No one cares about us” and MJ might be a pervert and a weirdo but he did put out some badass music.

On a serious note, I am really worried about J and his leg. He hurt his leg playing basketball and now its not healing as quickly. It might be some serious tissue damage, but i really hope its not, cuz that would mean surgery! Yuck!!! I guess we’ll know at the end of hte week!

Oranges and Thai food smells really good together

1 thought on “Refreshing boredom”

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