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….And back to reality

Wow! So much craziness and just in the 4-5 days that I have been back.

Africa was incredible, I am going to have to do a long detailed log/post about it which is still in the works, will probably be about 2 weeks, till I can put everything online. But I really had a great time.

First reunion with J was great on wed afternoon at the airport. Seeing him, after two weeks almost made me weak, it really hit me, how much I had missed him. All day wed was feverish talking, sleeping and some other stuff that I am not going to share with anyone 😉

Thursday, I returned to work and everything seemed like it had gone smoothly, other than one irate client, but thats just how it goes sometimes. Friday and Saturday, were crazy good times, missed J at the parties, and found out all sorts of weird info about one of his coworkers, who was hell bent on hooking up with him, but thankfully nothing happened. I love my b.f, he is the best.

I did drunk dial him at 5 in the morning on sun and rambled on about my love for him, thankfully he found it sweet. Sun, I slept in and picked up J and this time at the airport he looked even better……..yum!!! God I am so shallow, but since yesterday, I haven’t been able to stop staring at him and thinking only very very bad thoughts… it obvious to everyone that I am completely consumed by lust.

Truth be told, I am really happy to be back, I just want life to be normal , atleast till the end of the year, no drama, no controversies, just a staid , routine.

Bad thing I did this weekend: Smoked a lot, too ashamed to even write down how much.
Good thing I did this weekend: Stopped eating so freaking much.

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