Top 10 at home activities for a perfect Sunday

These are all things that don’t require leaving the house….. Helped narrow down some stuff.

Sleeping In: Self Explanatory, no one should ever wake up before 10(ish) on a sunday, in my case, probably later, but for this post we’ll say 10. All early morning weekend activities should be scheduled for saturday mornings. Sunday is after all, the day of rest.

Sex: Without going into TMI, Sunday sex is the best, especially after sleeeping in. If possible it should be done a couple of times in the morning and maybe in the middle of the afternoon as well, or in the shower.

Breakfast: Either a long leisurely breakfast at a cute little cafe or complicated breakfast at home. I like Grayson Cafe, J and I order the same thing and read the Independent and its always nice and lazy. For staying in, I love to have Chocolate Chip pancakes, made by J, (In spite of all my culinary know how and aspirations, I cannot make a decent pancake) with bacon/sausage, orange juice and the whole works.

Sunday TV : There’s two categories of Sunday TV.
A) Daytime: Usually Food Network, TLC, HGTV, VH1 or a Hindi Movie, it can’t be anything good, would kill the whole purpose

B) Evening: Sunday Night Cartoons have been a ritual for J and I as long as I can remember and that includes, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and King of the Hill. Back when X Files was around, spending sunday night with Fox Mulder was a must.

Long Showers/Body Pampering: I love taking super long showers and trying out my hair masks, and face masks, and different lotions, and also doing all sorts of girly stuff, like plucking, tweezing, painting toe nails, etc. Also great for trying new hairstyles. I can take hours on it and if I mess it up, no one will know, cuz I won’t leave the house.

Reading: In the afternoon, on a freshly made bed, with blanket covering just my feet and the sun spilling in through the windows. Its even better when I doze up for a while and wake up to find Laylz asleep on her doggy bed and J asleep to and making the nap longer.

Decorating my House: Its the best time to figure out where frames and knick knacks go, to switch out candles and photos, or move around my very few pieces of furniture

Organizing Photos, books, cds, or clothes: Sorting and browsing through my collections can take up hours. I love grouping and regrouping things. I’m a weirdo, I know. I also like to take pics around the house of Laylz and J.

Playing with Layla: Playing tug, fetch, or any weird game she wants is the best on Sunday. I am usually not irritated by her and I think she loves getting unlimited and super long belly rubs from us. All this attention also makes her not act out and she is usually very well behaved on sundays.

Elaborate Sunday Dinners: This has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember and I incorporated it into J and my life when we first moved in together. I love cooking a meal that takes a little preparation, or is really flavorful, something I wouldn’t make on a weekday to avoid a messy kitchen. Its like Friday night for our pallettes. Yesterday I started out making chicken Sukha, but it ended up being a milder and less fattier version of Butter Chicken and we had two kinds of breads ( Garlic Naan , and Paneer Paratha) and Mango Lassi. Other favorites are Penne Ala Vodka, Kabobs, Fish Tacos, etc.

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