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Aint Nobody does it better than J(s)

I am in love. The 2skinnee J’s were everything I ever hoped they would be and more. Lincoln Theatre turned out to be a super cool venue , and the audience was awesome. We managed to get pretty close to the stage and even got the one of the band members to sign a dvd for Scottie. Fave moments from the show

When they came out to “Better than J”
Stockholm love
When Special J splashed water and I got some on me
Their white jump suit type outfits with big frilly hearts
J Guevara’s hotness and Special J’s cuteness.

Yeah, I’m lame. I know!

I am still so giddy from the show , that its hard for me to pin down the thoughts and feelings and write them down. It was really fun to jump and thrash around to good or as J says “fresh” beats and witty lyrics. The crowd was rowdy but without ill will and everyone on the floor wanted to jump around and dance and have a good time. The Skinnee J’s delivered one of the best concerts I have ever seen. The only cons was the fact that I wore sandals and a strapless bra, both are unwise choices in the pit.

After, we went to cookout and I gorged a cookout style hamburger which is a 1/8 pound patty with coleslaw , cheese, chilli, onion and cheese fries. The burger sounds weird, but its actually really good.

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