Top 10 Crushes

In no particular order……

Vikram: So technically this wasn’t my first crush, but this was definitely the first one where, I was aware of feeling shy and tongue tied and blushing and all those familiar crush symptoms. Vikram was my cousin Bobby’s bandmate and he was probably 19 and I was 7,when I first saw him. They used to play in this cover band and I think the first night I saw him, they were going to some 70’s party, and were dressed in polyester suit. He was wearing a 70’s style white suit with a red shirt and had the requisite long hair in a pony tail. Now, it seems like a super sleazy look, but I thought that was so dashing at 8. I hung around them that night and I couldn’t stop staring at him. I don’t think he caught on that I had a little crush on him, cuz him and all of Bobby’s friends treated me like a cute li’l sister type who they could tease.

Jay: The only younger boy in my life. He was suave, charming, hot, sweet, patient, and way too smooth for his own good. This boy offered to make me pancakes in the middle of the afternoon on a bad day and he did and this boy was only 16. And I just fell for him. Damn good kisser too.

Johnny Depp : Just look at the pic and drool. All I can say is, I would leave J and anyone else in a heartbeat just to be near him. Yeah, Yeah, I ‘m a dork.

David Jensen : He was Eric’s roommate, Smart, hot , spiritual badass and an awesome writer. We would talk for hours about random, weird disturbing things, even after our significant others had gone to bed. I remember knowing that David would end up on a path, that I could never travel with him( as friends , I mean) and all I wanted was occasional glimpses into his life and his utterly fascinating mind. But , the boy chose to disappear and it’s probably for the better, because I don’t know if I can handle it if he truly has destroyed himself.

RS : Scruffy Bad Asssssssss………thats all I have to say.

Salman Khan: Alright, laugh it up chuckle heads, but I used to write fanfic about this bollywood actor. Height of crushdom, between the ages of 12-16.

Robert Plant : Tight Jeans, Long hair, Godfather of Rock Stars. Elvis was a pretty boy rockstar, RP spawned, grunge, androgyny, emo and everything sexy about Alt rock.

J: We didn’t start dating for 3 years until we met. The sexual tension, when we were in a room, used to be unbearable. That kinda buildup is rare. Also, back in those days, he would put his arm around him, while my b.f was 2 steps behind and whisper dirty/romantic/philosophical lyrics in my ears. Such a cocky bad ass. He just knew, that even though I had a b.f , I secretly wanted to be with him. But he had to wait a pretty long time too, so it all worked out.

Justin Wood: Hippie Boy. He was way too cool for me in H.S. Would not even talk to me outside AP History, but after we graduated, it was suddenly okay for us to hang out. He was the first person to introduce me to illegal substances.

Paul Story: Hated his personality, a total cocky, misogynist , SOB. But he was so freaking good looking that I could barely contain my lust. And we shared an office which was torture. Nothing ever came of it, but it was a crazy crush.

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