Is being mediocre and anonymous horrible?

I used to want to be a rockstar. Deep down, I still fantasize about it. The day I could tell that my rock star aspirations were a fantasy and not something that was going to happen in this lifetime, it wasn’t soul crushing. I think I’d matured enough to understand the subtler pleasures of anonymity. But am I just settling….shouldn’t I be more upset, that i’m not going to be famous or important? If I were to die tomorrow, other than the people who love and care about me and make up my universe, no one else will miss my existence. I guess there is regret, that i’m not going to change the world through a grand spectacle or scheme, but I refuse to be defined by the things I didn’t do, or couldn’t do and focus on my minor triumps. Does this make me small?

I watched War of the Worlds today, and Spielberg was really good at capturing the shots of people running around in panic, and his use of aerial shots, and blurred images of human bodies, did make it seem like microbes or rats running around. He was capturing us through the eyes of the aliens and we did look insignificant.

Maybe I’m too complacent, too happy to be mediocre, but I am not unhappy. I am happy to be here, I am happy to have a story, even if its been told a countless times before and 1000’s of people are experiencing the same thing right now. I like being a part of the collective.

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